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  • Vinay Grover

Perfecting Personality Styles

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

During one of the business pitch for a large contract, we met a panel comprising of a couple of stakeholders

Q&A followed post-presentation, we realized that it’s not going to be easy as everyone seemed to have different #personalitytraits and needs to be dealt with differently.

It is important to understand Individual traits that drive buying behavior

We narrowed down on 4 distinct #personalitytraits

#Relator – They are indirect and slow-paced, easy-going. They are self-contained, quiet, introverted, think a lot but at the same time, they are sensitive, have high people orientation. Don’t argue about the price.

#Socializer – They are outgoing, fast-paced, think quick, spontaneous, extrovert, don’t mince words, they exactly know where they are. They have high people orientation. Most high performing sales guys fall in this quadrant.

#Analyser – They are always thinking, inward-directed, look for accuracy, sense of security. Their inner peace comes from knowing they are doing the right thing especially in the eyes of others.

#Directors – They are highly task-oriented, focus is on production, productivity, results, outcome. They care less about people, will be blunt, impolite.

#Symbiosis inspire organizations to transform their #potential2performance

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