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  • Vinay Grover

Rural economy, our next growth driver??

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

We are in the midst of a pandemic, the current impact and post corona effect on the economy is highly debated

For the last decade or so, we are made to believe the rural economy will uplift the sagging numbers as Urban areas see the saturation in demand It is true to an extent but only for those manufacturers and products that are conventional like FMCG, 2W, 4W and CD’s, etc It is akin to the product or services being first getting acceptability in developed countries (read urban) and then developing economies (read rural) latch onto it as it becomes an inspirational product or service As in one of my earlier posts, I talked about disruption every 10-12 years that weeds out the conventional way of working, an accepted norm Disruption gives us new product categories, newer ways of delivering that are fast and convenient New products & services fuel the growth of the economy in Urban areas (starting from Metros) are the ones to give a boost For a bumper harvest, keep your focus laser-sharp on Urban economies since rural economies can fill it only sachet size The time is to think novel, AN IDEA THAT CAN CHANGE LIVES. #Symbiosis, #inspire organizations to #transform their #performance2potential

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