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Experts Panel
Strategic HR and Transformation

Planning and directing activities that help in bringing about a progressive change in the organization, by establishing how various HR processes like recruitment, PMS, Onboarding, etc. will function to yield better results.

The Contract
PMS Design & Implementation

Suggesting, designing and implementing annual / half yearly / quarterly / monthly appraisal systems for the employees in the organization after finalizing assessment parameters.

Designer's Desk
Organization Design & Structure

Integrating people, processes, information and technology and aligning them with the objectives of the organization. Determining the hierarchy and the flow of information to be followed in the organization like Flat, Matrix or Tall (Pyramid) Hierarchy, etc

Modern Laptop
HRMS Implementation

Assisting in automation of all the HR systems and processes like attendance, payroll, attendance management, benefits etc. 

Open Book
Employee & Management Handbooks (Policies Guidelines)

Designing and developing Employee Handbooks that help in communicating organizations’ policies, mission, goals etc. These handbooks are used for reference by the employees for clarifying policies such as attendance, leaves, travel, insurance and other benefits.Designing separate Management Handbooks as per the request of the client for reference on internal management policies like grade structures, recruitment policy, PMS, etc. 

Signing a Contract
Compensation Structure Design

Designing legally compliant and tax friendly compensation structure and determining the percentages of fixed and variable components in the compensation plan.

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