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Manpower Cost optimization
Construction Worker

Predicting staffing requirements as per the need of the organization within the set budget so that there is no shortage or excess of manpower in the organization

Organizing Footprint of Industrial setups and its Integration
Image by Patrick Hendry

Helping the organizations integrate their operations, process, systems and policies in the event of mergers or acquisitions so that they are in compliance of the local laws and continue operating as per the set standards.

Long Term Wage Settlements and closure of Industrial Units
Image by Cytonn Photography

Providing assistance in settling long term wage issues in unionized plant setups and helping the unions and management to come to a consensus, ensuring full cooperation between the two parties


Ensuring harmonious relationship between the employees and management during the closure of Industrial Units permanently

Rightsizing and Downsizing
 Blue Collared & White Collared 
Waiting Area

Assisting in reorganizing the business with an increase or decrease in manpower according to the need of the business so that the business is able to achieve maximum productivity and profits.

Helping in permanent reduction of workforce by layoffs, voluntary retirements or terminations

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