Advertised Recruitment

We use a combination of print advertising and Search to identify Professionals across a range of functions. This approach enables us to reach a broad candidate base and, where necessary, to identify individuals with particular leadership qualities.
Advertised selection also offers a highly effective means of locating up-and-coming managers, taking account of their potential as well as their experience.
Advertised selection consists of three phases:

  • Research and specification We conduct a thorough study of the Client Company (including business needs and strategies, financial and market position, and company culture) and set out the key responsibilities of the role.
  • Development and placement of advertising We liaise with the client over the advertising copy and offer advice on the timing and placement of the advertisement, ensuring client confidentiality where required.
  • Traditional Search follow-through After the initial screening of applicants, we set our conventional search process in motion. We interview candidates comprehensively and check references rigorously before providing the client with a shortlist of highly qualified candidates.

As with any other search, we maintain a close working relationship with the client throughout the process, from interviewing to final negotiations.