In 1991, with India running out of hard currency, Manmohan Singh …. decided that India had to open its economy. “Our Berlin Wall fell …. and it was like unleashing a caged tiger …. We went from quiet self confidence to outrageous ambition in a decade. The LPO industry has in a span of few years seen major mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and alliances. A plethora of services are provided, the key being – contract management, document review, legal research, deposition summaries, litigation documents, patent renewals, patent analytics, IP support services, data verification, IP recordals, patent research, trademark renewals, trademark watching, digital content watching, trademark search, and so on.

These services can be categorized under two categories:

1. Manpower intensive functions – Such as legal transcription, document conversion, legal coding and indexing, document review etc.
2. High-value services – They include patent and general legal research services like freedom-to-operate search, patent assessment, patent portfolio management, statutory and case law research, due diligence services such as technical, legal and financial analysis of companies for mergers and acquisitions, and contract drafting and review of contracts.

We understand the need of Legal function in an environment and subsequently extend the best talent available in the industry to our partners. 

Functional Areas: