Information Technology

The Indian information technology (IT) industry has played a key role in putting India on the global map and is now envisioned to become a US$ 225 billion industry by 2020. Over the past decade, the Indian IT-BPO sector has become the country’s premier growth engine, crossing significant milestones in terms of revenue growth, employment generation and value creation, in addition to becoming the global brand ambassador for India. The sector is estimated to aggregate revenues of US$ 88.1 billion in FY2011, with the IT software and services sector (excluding hardware) accounting for US$ 76.1 billion of revenues. Strong economic growth, rapid advancement in technology infrastructure, increasingly competitive Indian organizations, enhanced focus by the government and emergence of business models that help provide IT to new customer segments are the key drivers for increased technology adoption in India. The export revenues will gross US$ 59 billion in FY2011 and contribute 26 per cent as its share in total Indian exports (merchandise plus services), employing around 2 million employees.

The data centre services market in the country is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.7 per cent between 2009 and 2011, to touch close to US$ 2.2 billion by the end of 2011. India is a preferred destination for companies looking to offshore their IT and back-office functions. It also retains its low-cost advantage and is a financially attractive location when viewed in combination with the business environment it offers and the availability of skilled people.


  • Computing Systems.
  • IT & Business services.
  • Software.
  • IT Infrastructure.
  • Semiconductors.
  • BPO.
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