New Trends make HR more Human

New Trends make HR more Human

1.    Psychometric testing – To understand Human psyche is a complex process and during the brief interaction it is very difficult to explore issues pertaining to human nature. Hiring a right incumbent has always been difficult but firing is even more painful.  To have a person who is culturally misfit or not having the attributes that employer is looking at might create an environment that is unhealthy and unbearable and no choice is left but to part with the individual. To stem this exercise lot of organizations are using psychometric tests as 16PF, MBTI tests etc in tandem with services of renowned Psychologists to unravel the mystery surrounding the complex human nature. This facilitates right choice of the incumbent and his longevity can be expected.
2.    Technology savvy companies are translating Gen Y interests to make their work area an exciting place and integrating the roles and responsibilities being carried out by young brigade with restricted access to the world of web.  The use of Networking sites as Linkedin, facebook, twitter etc has been made official that earlier used to be blocked and treated as time wasters. The HR Managers are treating these new tools as the one that enhances productivity and at the same time breaks the monotony.


3.    Challenging Work  Environment - The buoyant economy will throw open lot of job opportunities and the demand for skilled and qualified manpower will far exceed supply. The challenge is to attract and retain your biggest asset “The people”. The game changer would not only be stocks or cash but the culture that is more vibrant and provide challenges for one to experiment and make a mark for himself. The resultant recognition and reward will be asset that will make them stay with the organization for a long time.

4.    Succession Planning is the new buzzword in the Indian scenario that is hogging all the limelight,  their has been increased demand for Leaders and we don’t have sufficient number of Leaders available in the market.  It has become pertinent to have Leadership Pipeline to fill a void that would have been created due to current incumbent moving into other role or geography or it may be because of his finding greener pastures elsewhere. The organization needs to have eligible contenders with leadership traits so as to make them qualify for the Hot Seat but the contenders haven’t been assessed or groomed to take on the Leadership Challenge. They are more likely to fail and depart sooner than later as the expectations to bring exceptional performance are high.


5.    Reverse Mentoring – Its finally gaining ground where Senior Leadership Members get to learn new concepts particularly technology related from fairly young and junior colleagues. Seniors are shedding inhibition to learn and adapt to changing scenario where it has become inevitable to perform without know how of new technology tools. Sure, the word of caution that Juniors be not allowed to surf the territory beyond the desired domain and the whole process is kept confidential so as not to bring the embarrassment for senior officials.

6.    Go Beyond Boundaries – Step out from conventional boundaries that demarcate a fine line within departments that’s what HR managers are preaching to bring out the maximum potential of their people. It’s not really important that if you are working in X,Y, Zee functional dept so you can’t contribute to areas out of your purview. If you have the zeal and passionate about want to dabble in areas of your interest you are welcome to propagate and if found worthy, you never know the career is shaping in direction that you have only dreamt of.